4 steps on building your personal brand on Instagram

Personal Brand

Your personal brand is a mirror image of who you are.

Step 1: Tell your followers ‘who you are’

If you don’t know why you’re posting to Instagram, your followers won’t know why they should follow you.

Stop right now and think of what you want your personal brand to look like. What are five words that come to mind? Is there a universal theme? Is your goal to help others? To spread a specific message?

Your followers will be the people who get your why. They will be asking the same questions, have similar concerns, and will be compelled to keep clicking to find the answers. Your posts should dig at the why, getting at the heart of your brand.

Step 2: Refine Your Voice

If you’re an influencer, who are your fans? And what might they think if they looked at your Instagram account?

Is your voice clear? In this case, your “voice” is speaking in pictures, video, and text. Yes, Instagram is not all about the pictures. All three of these mediums work together to define your brand. Stay on message. Be loud and clear.And no matter what you do, don’t try to be someone else.


And remember, it’s important to be yourself!

Step 3: Use of relevant Hashtags 

It’s time you understand how to use hashtags. Don’t abuse this privilege. We’re looking for the key hashtags used in your industry.

From my research, according to Neil Patel, he suggests using 4-8 relevant hashtags per Instagram post and to keep it at that. Don’t go overboard and flood your captions.

Start by looking at best practices. Take note and follow.

Step 4: Engage. Promote. Post.

Spend some time commenting on posts, particularly those within your field, is so important as you build your brand.

Interact with key influencers in your industry . Don’t be afraid to reach out. Comment, like, and message.

Promote your Instagram account on your other platforms. Don’t over do it though. Make it look natural. Have something lead them there.

Posting at least 3-5 times a week is good to keep your account engaged. And your content should represent who you are.

Now you have an idea, what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

This article has been written by adding some of my own input and being inspired from an article on Forbes Magazine by Ashley Stahl.



24 Hours without Social Media


I had my first Social Media account set up when I was in High School. Started off with Facebook, and eventually like every teenager I went on to set up Twitter, a shared Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat account and so on.

Always the first to post pictures of new events, birthdays, sports day; making me a frequent user. Until one day I finally realized it’s time to minimize my use as I was so hooked on to updating all my accounts that I started missing out on a good part of life.  The “Real Fun”. Which is when I decided to drift away.

But as Social Media becomes a massive part of everyone’s life, it is very difficult to eliminate it being a student. As a university student, I use Whatsapp to contact my group members for project updates, Instagram as a future marketer requirement, Snapchat to get insight on various student life instance. Making 24 hours of life without Social Media a challenge.

I believe this challenge would be able to take place during my Spring or Summer break. As students go on a break from university life, it gives us the space to leave our devices at home and occupy time with more productive things. The task is not impossible but it’s just not the right time for me.

5 Useful Facebook Facts!

Infographics is the new image. People love visuals. And so do I. So here is something to work with.

Say yes to Infographics


Facebook Image Dimensions


Facebook ‘Word’ Game


Facebook Hashtags

FB hashtags

Facebook Engagement 

FB engagement.png

I take no credits for any Infographics shown above. All credits goes to their respective creators.

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Google+ Personal Branding, A-Z guide

Having an issue with Google+? But you have no time to learn?

Do not fear, Layla marketer is here.

(I take no credit for the infographics, but it is a very helpful guide!! Credits given at the end of the blog.)


This amazing guide was found here. Thank you to the amazing inforgraphics designers Elena and Robert.



5 Ways to Make your content FUN to read

So, we have all come across some boring content we have created and have no idea on how to spice it up and take it to the next level. Do not fear, Layla Marketer is here.

Being a Social Media Marketing student, we often do several Social Media analysis and competitor analysis, always on a look out for the next BIG thing. So from my minor expertise, here is my suggestion on what your audience might like to see in your content (also keep in mind your brand image, this may or may not work with it, depends on how you add your magic!).

Let’s jump to the 5 FUN ways:

  1. Convey a Story or Joke

Your storyline is KEY! Telling stories is a great way to engage your readers and make your content relatable. It also makes your reader realize that behind that stuffy industry concept is a real person who’s writing it.

Whereas for the Jokes, this one is a little tougher, as it requires a sense of humor. That being said, you don’t have to be the funniest person in the world to make readers smile here and there. Just loosen up, be yourself, and if you’re not sure whether something is actually humorous, run it by an honest co-worker.


2. Add Pop-culture reference

Because why not?  The next time your relate to something, the first thing someone would remember was your content because of incorporating the pop culture aspect. If the majority of your audience won’t have any idea who or what you’re referencing, it’ll be a total flop. Now, you won’t be able to appeal to everyone, but use your best judgment and keep your personas in mind.


3. Caption your images

This one speaks for itself. And also can be done by yourself on PowerPoint.


4. Use creative GIFs

Animated GIFs are great for catching readers’ attention and making your content just a little bit more interesting. Here is the good bit, there are so many online GIF generators you could use which are absolutely free of cost.


5. Use Memes?

A meme is quite simply a concept, behavior, or idea that spreads, usually via the internet. Memes most commonly manifest themselves in visuals such as images, pictures, or videos, but they can also take the form of a link, hashtag. You can use Moz, to find meme-themed news release.


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Making the most of your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is gaining more popularity now days. Which is also the most effective way to build brand awareness. Once an influencer has covered for your brand, you can expect some good growth especially in a country like Bahrain.

But its not a one-time set and its done. Its a process and you have to plan it right.

Here is an infographic guide from Redpill team, to make sure you’re on the right track with your influencer marketing campaign.


blog 2

They always come with rules, so follow and you’re good.

blog 3

And finally!

blog 4

Does it all make better sense? Got more ideas? You are good to go. #FridayReads